EB-3 Skilled or Professional Workers

The EB-3 classification enables foreign workers in the U.S. to apply for immigrant visas. Similar to the EB-2 classification, labor certifications, currently known as PERM applications, must first be submitted to and certified by the U.S. Department of Labor before USCIS will issue an immigrant visa.

Skilled Workers

Skilled workers must possess at least two years of job experience or training in their field of expertise and a U.S. job offer is required.

Professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree

Professionals performing in a professional occupation must possess a bachelor’s degree, or its foreign equivalent. The occupation must typically require a bachelor’s degree and the foreign national must have a U.S. job offer.

Other Workers

Foreign nationals who possess less than two years of training and work experience must have a U.S. job offer.

Qualifying for these categories require submitting extensive documentation in addition to preparing a labor certification (PERM) to the U.S. Department of Labor. Please contact our office to see if you qualify under this category and how we may assist you.

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