F-1 VISA (click to read more)
The U.S. offers a variety of options for foreign nationals interested in pursuing an academic education or language training program that results in a diploma, degree or certificate. In addition to competitive academic curricula, studying in the U.S. gives international students opportunities to understand and experience culture in the U.S., which contributes to personal growth and development when they return to their home country.

M-1 VISA (click to read more)
The M-1 visa offers a great opportunity for foreign nationals to gain new and strengthen existing technical, non-academic skills. The M-1 visa is offered to students who wish to pursue full-time study at a USCIS approved vocational or non-academic school in the U.S. M-1 visa vocational programs are meant to provide international students educational and vocational skills that will benefit them upon return to their home country.

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