I Visa

The I visa enables foreign media representatives engaging in their profession on behalf of foreign media companies (or U.S. subsidiaries of foreign media companies) to work temporarily in the U.S. This visa is employer-specific, which means the foreign media representative may only work for the foreign media company that has sponsored their visa. Examples of foreign media representatives include reporters, freelance journalists and film crew members. Mainstream entertainment filmmakers are not eligible for this visa category.

The I visa allows the foreign media representative to attend school but full-course study programs are not permitted. Spouses and children may accompany or join the I visa holder as an I visa dependent. If the spouse or children choose to travel independent of the I visa holder, then they should enter the U.S. in either B-2 visitor status or under the Visa Waiver Program or any other visa in which they independently qualify. I visa dependents are not permitted to attend school.

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